Kram ZWA

Fresh food packaging Kram ZWA machine is designed for closing and sealing thermally, plastic containers with the film. It is made from stainless steel and it is compatible to work on many sizes and types of containers (Pet, pp, and laminates). The distance and quantity of holes can be adjusted to customer’s expectations and container’s size.tray perforation

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Technical Data


length/ width/ high (mm.) ca. 3700/ 1100/ 1850.

Rated Voltage

3 P + N + PE 400V AC/50Hz

Rated Power

8 kW

Exemplary capacity

up to 2000 containers / 1 h. (depends on container’s size)

Working Pressure

6 bar

Machine Weight: ca.

1470 kg
Dariusz Konowalik


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Jacek Zawistowski


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