KRAM L3000

Automatic line for filling loose products in weight dosing system and hermetic closure with thermal film. Type of packaging:

  • Plastics PP, PS, PE and glass closed with heat-seal platinums used in the cosmetics industry.
  • Paper coated with PE, PP, PLA type ECO coating (biodegradable coating) closed with cover foil (heat-sealing). The Sealing heads are equipped with an automatic film cut-off mechanism. Containers often used in the food industry for packing loose products

Automatic sealing machine is characterized by a friendly and ergonomic design that facilitates service even to less experienced operators. An additional advantage is that you can seal different types of packaging on one device. The line has been designed for an easy and ergonomic work system. The line construction diagram ensure easy access for all line modules. In addition, the KRAM L3000 was designed with a very quick transition to a different format (shape) of the packaging by replacing the basic elements of the instrumentation such as the base plate of the container feeder, sealing head and lower container matrix, base plate of the lid feeder. Complete retooling of the line for a different packaging format takes about 30 minutes. The mechanism of the “Moving center of the packaging centering mechanism” enables sealing containers of different heights. The KRAM L3000 has a user-friendly operator panel that allows you to adjust the operating parameters of each line module from one position of the device such as: dosing parameters, sealing time, setting performance parameters relative to the product being packaged.

Optionally, a dosing pump can be connected to the line, enabling the dispensing of liquid products and equipping the container sealing module with the MAP (Modified Packaging Atmosphere) system. The MAP system allows a gas exchange in the package replacing natural air with a mixture of gases, often nitrogen and carbon dioxide. When using a weighing system, liquid products can be dosed on a scale.

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Technical Data


length/width/height (mm) ok. 6320x4300x280

Machine weight ca.

2400 kg

Sealing temperature range


Exemplary capacity

up to 3 000 / 1 h

Working pressure

6,0 – 7,0 bar

Rated voltage

3P + N +PE, 400V, AC/50Hz
The line includes the following modules
Six-slot container feeder
Bulk weighing device for loose products (six-head) with a conveyor system for buffering and feeding the product to the scale
Container sealing module with heat-seal foil
Double-head labeller for feeding labels on the lid and the bottom of the container


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