Automatic disposable gloves making machine
Kram ARE 226

The machine specializes in the production of gloves made of foil (half-sleeves) HDPE / LDPE, which are widely used, e.g. hospitals, grocery stores, beauty salons and various production products, etc. Gloves covered by a very good hand against various bacteria and viruses. The machine body is made of steel, which ensures the machine’s stability during operation even at maximum speeds. Stations with double unwinding, equipped with clutches for smooth regulation of tension of HDPE belts, two inverters controlling unwinding. In the machine operating the central drive controlling the function of mechanisms responsible for forming the glove. Material feeding is controlled by a stepper motor (servo drive) enabling precise adjustment of HDPE or LDPE tapes to the welding position and application product sorting point. It is possible to make the tool according to an individual design provided by the customer.



Powder coated steel

Dimensions with a stripping module:

(D-S-W) 5300mm X 1300mm X 1700mm

Dimensions without stripping module:

(D-S-W) 3000mm X 1300mm X 1700mm

Rated voltage:

16A 3N+P+PN

Rated power Ca.:

10 Kw


140-160 pcs /min

Pneumatic parts

Metal Work

Working pressure

6-7 bar



Electrical parts

Omron, Siemens

Machine weight:

ok. 1300 kg
1. Welding module with a double foil feeding system. Unwinders for two rolls of Jumbo HDPE / LDPE film placed in a vertical position, are equipped with couplings for smooth regulation of the HDPE belt tension, double inverters controlling unwinding.
Odwijaki na dwie rolki Jumbo folii HDPE/LDPE ustawione w pozycji wertykalnej, wyposażone są w sprzęgła do płynnej regulacji napięcia taśmy HDPE, podwójne falowniki kontrolujące odwijanie.
2. Double gloves welding module Welding takes place on two sealing matrix which increases efficiency and improves work ergonomics.
Zgrzewanie odbywa się na dwóch matrycach jednocześnie co zwiększa wydajność oraz poprawia ergonomię pracy.
3. Glove perforation module. * option. This module perforates the gloves in the part of the wrist to make it easier to tear after hanging them on the stand.
Moduł ten perforuje rękawiczki w części nadgarstka w celu łatwiejszego obrywania po zawieszeniu ich na stojaku.
4. Gloves heating module. * option. The module spot welds gloves in one package (50-100 pieces) so that after opening the package with gloves they were in one position.
Moduł zgrzewa punktowo rękawiczki w jednym pakiecie (po 50-100 sztuk ) aby po otworzeniu opakowania z rękawiczkami były w jednej pozycji.
5. Waste removing module. * option. The foil that remains beyond the outline of the glove after welding is removed in an automatic cycle by special strippers.

After adding the option to the basic equipment of the device, it becomes a fully automatic device (waste removal after welding in an automatic cycle). Without adding the option, we treat the machine as a semi-automatic machine because the operator must manually remove the waste after welding.



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