Information about product


    What kind of product will be packed? If you have a photo or short video to see consistency would be helpful?

    What is the temperature of the product during filling?

    Dense/thin product?

    Are there any pieces of fruits or seeds in the product? If yes how big?

    What is the expected capacity?

    What has expected tolerance in filling?

    Should filling be volume or weight?

    Information about packing


    What type of packing will be used ( round, square etc.)?

    What kind of closing will be used? (lid, welding foil + lid)?

    If packing will be different than a bucket, what will be the size of the hole for filling?

    Does sterilization of bucket/ package is required?

    Are UV lamps or HEPA filters required?

    What kind of installation the customer has? What about the product hopper?

    Is new hopper required or already existing hooper will be used?

    Is product need to be heated before or during filling?

    Is the line need to be cleaned in the CIP system, or client already have one?

    Is the sensor of level product/contribution in the hopper is required or is it already installed?

    Additional information