KRAM OWR 50/30

Automatic roll wrapping and shrink film machine OWR 50/30 might be added to one or more machines. Mainly used for shrinking alu foil, PVC, PE cling or bakery paper. Finished roll is wrapped and shrink with dedicated film which is taken from jumbo roll and all process take place on roller conveyor. Film might be transparent or printed. Easy to work with various widths of rolls. Two modes:

• automatic mode

• semi-automatic mode

All parameters are set on touch panel, where one may put all parameters like output diameter or various lwidths.

Roll wrapping and shrink film machine
Technical Data

Width of shrink film:

500 mm

Max. output diameter of shrink film:

300 mm

Type of shrink film:

Polyolefin, PVC, PP

Length of shrink film:


Mechanical capacity:

30 rolls/min

Output diameter of shrink rolls:


Max. width of product:

500 mm

Possibility to work with printed film:



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