The automatic film rewinding line has been designed to completely optimize the film rewinding process to improve the ergonomics of the work, optimally reducing the costs of the rewinding foil.

The line construction diagram allows minimizing the human factor contribution during the film packaging process.

The line has been equipped with a system of conveyors to automatically feed the paper core (bobbin) from the central storage to paper core magazines placed directly on the rewinding devices. The described solution optimizes the cost of work by automating the process of feeding the paper core to the rewinding devices.

The system of conveyors receiving rewinded rollers allows buffering at the place of packing rolls with different winding parameters. Using this solution, we receive all products produced in the rewinding process in one place of final packing

The line has been equipped with a SCADA system enabling the control of the rewinding process from the central computer, which enables individual programming of each line device and buffering the process data of the line.

Paper core feeder

The use of such a solution improves the ergonomics of work because we only fill the main buffer tank, and the system automatically fills the paper cores placed on the rewinders to the appropriate level.

The entire system is controlled by level sensors, which prevents overload buffer tank on the rewinders with paper core.

Paper core feeder ensures filling up only the buffer tank in which there is no proper level of the paper core

The system can be expanded to a greater number of 4-5 pcs rewinders.

Rewinder Kram PST-2 Turbo

Automatic high-speed stretch film rewinder PST-2 Turbo is the fastest rewinder which work both with hand rolls and machine rolls (up to18kg), at the same time and in automatic mode. The rewinders use the “SERVO MOTOR” system that minimizes the acceleration and braking time during the rewinding cycle. Ergonomic and very friendly for the operator construction gives you more opportunities in rewinding, as slitting system for mini rolls, making double edge in thickness of stretch film or rewinding machine rolls up to 240mm output diameter.
Mounted lifting table makes process of exchanging jumbo roll much easier and faster. During 1 jumbo roll is rewinded, the second one is ready for replacement.
Core takers compatible to work with various quality and thickness of paper cores. In standard rewinder is equipped with core takers for 50 mm and ⌀76 mm to work with hand rolls and machine rolls.

conveyor system
  • Separating rewinded rolls with different length on the conveyor during rewinding (in accordance with the production order)
  • Concentration of rewinded rolls at one packaging point
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